anTifoc ® is a new, proprietary manufacturer name and the registered trademark for safes that have been subjected to a qualified fire resistance test with 30,60 or 120 minutes specimen Duration of flaming.

Based on these fire resistance tests are the relevant parts of the standard EN 1047-1, paragraph 6.4.2, fire resistance test.

A fire resistance test with a specimen Duration of flaming 30 minutes S 30 P sees the EN test standard is not yet available.

However, we have already paid for the detection of the fire resistance of our anTifoc ® products of a fire resistance test in accordance with this standard.

In the anTifoc ® products, we have deliberately omitted in accordance with the accredited testing laboratory to carry out an additional crash test, because these structures remain dimensionally stable even in case of fire.

Our anTifoc ® – safes are also technically laboratory type tested as safes and certified to EN 1143-1 and are subject to the production of quality-party monitoring.

Our anTifoc ® quality provides adequate protection to the risk of stored paper disk and the additional use of a floppy and use protection for magnetically stored data.