Certified deposit systems

are high valued security systems for cash currency and other valuables. Deposit systems can be used to secure valuable items, documents, cash during and after business hours.

These deposit systems can be manufactured in various security grades. They are type-tested and certified acc. EN 1143-2. The proof for the certification is the certification badge fixed to the inside door.

In special instances, when the building conditions, the security items or the security purpose does not permit the installation of certified systems, or if construction variances are nessesary we are ready to manufacture specific products that suit your needs. This requires a close coordination of all details.

Deposit and security systems are often individual custom ordered manufactured. In this case they are not type tested and certified – for time and cost reasons.

On request we can produce deposit systems are part of our ongoing development of certified safes. These products are offered on the basis of the following construction groups:

TKS Grade 0 – I

TKC Grade II