Security room doors – Your step towards safety

High Quality security room door

tresor-schutzraum-tuerSecurity room doors are installed both in private residences and business enviroments. They can be used to secure archives, fire arms currencys and other valuables.
When steel cabinets, tresors or weapon safes do not have sufficient space, security room doors, if the security room walls also proved to have adequate safety standard, provide a sensible solution.

Example of a room door with day gate, basquill system and keylock.

A sensible addition to the security room doors are day gatesand securtiy room wall-elements that can be adjusted to the safety needs of the customer. As our door construction our wall-elements are designed with appropriate armour and fire protection. Day gates an wall-elements are available upon customers request. Security room doors and wall elements can be designed to your specific need, also in historic grading „B“.

  • All dimensions, weights and colour specifications are subject to fabrication tolerance
  • The rights for technical changes and modifications are reserved.