High Quality Serversafe – TK Server innovation 2018

Protect your server against vandalism, tampering and theft
as loss of in-house files, such as customer data,
Calculations, personal data, etc. often has disastrous consequences
for the company. External data overlays on „foreign“ hired
Servers not only cause additional costs but offer no long
the same security as an in-house server (intranet) protected by a server safe from the Tresor Kontor Hamburg.


  • Special safe for protection of PC´s, Server and peripheral units against vandalism, manipulation and theft.
  • Special equipped safes of series BS based on the technology of security grade 0-I-II acc. EN 1143-11
  • Starting with grade I high-effective fire-concrete filled in walls and doors provides protection against fire
  • Between doors and casing an effective thermo-expansion-sealing is installed
  • The air-channels are equipped with a fireprotection system
  • The cabel tunnel is placed in the backplane conentric near the bottom with a dimension appropriate for all usual plugs.
  • Cable tunnel has to be closed aufter installation with qualified material
  • The ventilation system with 12 V low voltage blade-fans is installed on the right and on the left on the bottom, 3 fans on each side with integrated air filter system
  • Th 12 V power adapter has to be installed outside the safe
  • In normal operation the ventilation system provides a temperature balance between the safe interior and the outside room temperature. It is  not possible to reduce the inside temperature on level beyond the room temperature outside without further ado. The shelf that carries the PC or the server ist mounted on the bottom above the ventilation system. Big holes in the shelfs facilitate the air circulation. The cables can be led through a notch on the rear side of the shelf.In the upper part of the safe a drawer is mounted to carry mouse and keyboard. The air circulation holes in the safe wall on the right and on the left are covered by a steal plate. Further information on request


  • Special sizes and executions on request implemented
  • All dimensions, weights and colour specifications are subject to fabrication tolerance
  • The rights for technical changes and modifications are reserved
  • The external metal work increases the outer depth dimension by 65 mm