used safes

Used Safes can be purchased at „every corner“ in virtually any size, shape and color now…

Offered to those who usually with the euphonious name known manufacturers, including those that no longer exist as a manufacturer or at least ceased production.

We chargers other those these devices for you – but note the following additional:

In many cases, safes periods used in warehouses and their shadows are ready when a little informed consumer is interested in „the cheapest“ safe.

As used safes including those traded that were withdrawn due to damage and break repaired more or less qualified. Where such repairs were carried out, is not mentioned in these transactions mostly by whom and by what means.

Safe earned trust a used then when he checked qualified by the actual manufacturers themselves, properly prepared and was in compliance with all safety aspects and in accordance with its security level or its grade.
This includes, above all, always lock the exchange of all elements, so that the danger is removed, that unauthorized users can open the vault using simple means knowing the closure technique.


For a tested and approved by the manufacturer warranty Alttresor with a defined degree of resistance occurs also like to return to the legal warranty one.

Safes for second hand unknown origin and no one can guarantee true and comprehensive security. Especially in today’s world, with today’s technology such as GPRS, etc., which are often used in professional, equipped criminal gangs are – we do not recommend such a purchase on your behalf.

Insurance also usually reject the compensation claims of your customers for a fire, burglary or vandalism in used not clear from certified vaults of unknown origin.

Even a used vault must carry a product identification number by which its origin can be determined. Similarly, the degree of resistance, the production organization and the retail chain, which has passed through the vault.

We strongly recommend that you:

Pamper yourself in the event of such a purchase, enter a safe deposit insurance certificate, which contains the most important data of the property and is legally signed:

Such data are, for example:

•   manufacturer
•   year of production
•   Security level grade
•   Product identification number
•   owners
•   Repaired damage (of whom performed)
•   Lock system
•   Warranty period
•   service
•   responsible seller